UK & Ireland

Apple Sound Ltd is a Trusted Partner for ListenTALK in the UK & Ireland.

ListenTALK officially represented by @TourguideSYS in the UK and Ireland.

A smart two way tour guide system for various applications.

ListenTalk System

ListenTALK tour guide systems enable group communication with amazing sound quality in any facility indoors or outdoors.

See how a ListenTALK tour guide system can improve your tour.

ListenTALK for Better Tours

ListenTALK Tour guide System

ListenTALK is a flexible and customisable one way or two way group communication system designed to deliver crystal clear audio without amplifying ambient noise.

The system consists of transceivers , a docking station to charge and pair the devices, lanyards to wear the devices which makes them hands free, and headsets.

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Create an Inclusive Experience during your tour

Create an inclusive experience where everyone can hear clearly.

No more shouting or waiting to get everyone’s attention.

No more competing with ambient noise or other noise distractions.

ListenTALK allows the tour guide to speak normally, keep everyone’s attention and provide an exceptional and inclusive tour experience.

Hear the Difference

ListenTALK uses digital technology to make two way group communication easy no matter what the noise level is in the environment. Watch this video of a busy construction site to hear the difference for yourself.

More information of ListenTALK Tour guide systems

We are happy to give you more information on our ListenTALK tour guide systems, provide a detailed quote or send out a demo kit for you to try. Hire and Buy options are available with a 5 year warranty and we deliver across the UK & Ireland using a secure courier service with tracking and logistics done for you!