ListenTALK Overview

A ListenTALK System Overview: ListenTALK is a smart, two-way tour guide and wireless headset communication system that enhances tour group applications. Book a demo, then buy with confidence in the UK & Ireland, backed by a 5 year warranty from Listen Technologies.

A ListenTALK tourguide system is the ideal solution for efficient communication between staff while social distancing at work. 

ListenTALK system overview
Use ListenTALK to Resolve the Audio Challenges for: Guided Tours, Staff Training & Induction, Event Production/Intercom, Interpretation, Assistive Listening.

ListenTALK Tour Guide System Overview

ListenTALK is a digital tour guide system that facilitates secure communication and collaboration among two or more people, in any setting. Best of all, ListenTALK transceivers take less than a second to set up and pair. With a ListenTALK tour guide system, you’re ready to start your tour quickly and easily.

A Simple & Flexible Solution for Mobile Collaboration

ListenTALK is simple to use. Tour groups can easily be configured using the docking station tray and the push of a button, or on-the-go by tapping the leader’s transceiver.